Training Resources

The PDP Management Group is committed to alerting PDP training providers to useful information and safety training videos. We encourage you to include these in your annual refresher training and share with drivers. This page will be updated regularly with new content that training providers will find useful.

If you have publicly available resources or examples of good practice/learning you feel would be useful to make available on the website, please send them to We will then make the Management Group aware to approve these for sharing on the website.

Safety Briefings

Electric Vehicle Fires

DFDF (formerly DODF) members raised concerns about the issue of electric vehicle fires and the lack of clarity as to what tanker drivers should so and what the procedures/processes are.  As a result of this, a representative of the London Fire Brigade attended the July meeting and gave an excellent presentation on electric vehicle fires and implications with respect to fuel transportation and forecourts.  The DFDF felt this information would be of interest to all drivers and should be shared with all PDP Training Providers so that it can be used as part of annual training.

Attached below are the slides, which can be shared along with some other useful links for further information.

A great website based in Australia lead by Emma Sutcliffe, which provides some valuable information and is a useful page to follow weekly.  They also break down incidents very well and teach the end user in signs, symptoms, and future learning.

‚ÄčLondon Fire Brigade page on Electronic Personal Powered Vehicles (EPPVs). The site covers information on the safe charging or storage of E-bikes/E-scooters/Lithium devices and signposts to our Home Fire Safety Checker. It may be useful for those who currently own this type of device and will hopefully educate them in their safe usage -