Frequently asked questions: Employers and trainers

I already run ADR courses. Why do I need to be approved again?

This is a different qualification with different requirements and assessments.

As a training provider, can I run a practical only assessment?


As a training provider, can I run annual classroom training only?

Yes, there is no written assessment for annual training.

If I apply to be a training provider, is there a list of freelance instructors you can supply me with?

No, because instructors are approved to work for specific training providers (training material is training-provider specific).

Is the classroom training for the Full Written Assessment the same as the Annual Classroom Training? If so, can I have a mix of candidates on the same course?

No, as the full training (for the 5 year) is up to three-and-a-half hours including the exam, with the annual classroom training being around an hour of in-depth PD Passport training with the other two-and-a-half hours being driver specific training.

If I am an approved instructor at a particular centre, do I have to tell SQA that I am going to instruct at an additional centre?

Yes, you must be approved at each centre where you wish to instruct.

Can the practical part of PD Passport be delivered separately from the classroom part of PD Passport?

Yes, while some companies will want to obtain classroom and practical training from the same source, PD Passport has been designed to be flexible. We believe many companies will elect to deliver the practical element of PD Passport themselves and obtain the classroom instruction from a third party registered training provider. The practical element requires terminal access and is envisaged to be an assessment of a driver dealing with a normal, routine load. Experienced assessors, pre-approved by SQA to be competent, carry out the Practical Assessment. All of this, and the fact that many companies do not have their own classroom training, means that many will find it better to provide the practical element for themselves. The annual practical assessment must take place up to four months before the driver's annual anniversary date (this is the same day and month as the expiry date on the driver's PD Passport). Drivers must take classroom training every year. This can be at any point within the calendar year.

What do the external verifiers do and who are they?

SQA has appointed a number of external verifiers (EV) whose role will be to check on the integrity of the delivery of the PD Passport scheme. They work on a risk-assessed basis and will undertake sample visits to check on training delivery, PD Passport records and on the delivery of practical assessments. All EVs are experienced industry practitioners who applied to SQA to undertake this role and were selected on the basis of their suitability.

Can the online assessment be carried out on a tablet?

No. The software which is required to be downloaded to enable the online exam to be taken is not compatible with tablet or handheld mobile devices.

Can the ex-military re-settlement grant be used for PD Passport training?

Yes, there is no barrier to ex-servicemen using elements of re-settlement grant for PD Passport. They can use their Individual Resettlement Training Contribution and Standard Learning Credits towards PD Passport, but not Enhanced Learning Credits as this is only for accredited qualifications (level 3 and above) on the Regulated Qualifications Framework.

Ex-military personnel, before using their re-settlement grant, are asked to do the following to determine what training they need:

If the ex-military person decides they want PD Passport training and their allocated training contractor does not offer PD Passport, they can use a training provider on the Preferred Suppliers List. If there is no-one offering PD Passport on the Preferred Suppliers List they can use any training provider who provides PD Passport.

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