COVID and PDP Updates 2023

COVID & Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP)

Valid from 5 January 2023

This is an update on the operation of the PDP Scheme from the Downstream Oil Distribution Forum (DODF).

If a Terminal has direct access to the PDP System to check a driver’s validity, please use this method.

Otherwise, enforcement officers (Terminals) wishing to check a driver’s entitlement, may email the SQA Administration Team or telephone on 0345 270 0123 to check the PDP System.

  1. PDP CARDS - From the 1 February 2022, all drivers are required to hold a valid 5 year PDP card.
  2. ANNUAL REFRESHERS 2023 - From the 1st January 2023, all drivers are expected to have completed their 2022 Annual Refresher.
  3. ENFORCEMENT - The DODF are very grateful to the Terminals for their continuing support with regard to PDP card validity checks; please note the above.
  4. PDP Practical Assessment - LO3 - Special Circumstance Dispensation - The previous dispensation with respect to ‘PDP Practical Assessment - Review of LO3: Be able to Drive Petroleum Product Road Tankers’ ceased to be valid from 4 April 2022.

Special Circumstance:

In the following special circumstance ONLY, the mandatory requirement to use in-cab assessment can still be replaced by a verbal, structured review of tanker driving between the assessor and driver:

Where the structured review is still used, it must be carried out using the Guidance provided and the driver’s responses forms part of their overall practical assessment. The other elements of the Practical Assessment - prepare to load, loading and unloading (LO1, LO2 and LO4) must be assessed as normal, in accordance with the PDP Syllabus and Manual of Practice.

The fact that in-cab assessment was not used and the reason why must be recorded on the High Level Sign off Sheet and signed by the driver and assessor.