Frequently asked questions: Drivers

I am a driver undergoing PDP training. Can I get access to a terminal for training purposes?

Yes, you can access a terminal for loading training. You must have another driver with you who has a valid PD Passport card and has undergone site induction.

The load must be entered onto the terminal system using the loading card of the driver instructor who has a valid PD Passport card.

It is best to give the terminal advance warning of any such training.

I've passed both the theory and practical elements of the PD Passport. How do I get access to a loading terminal while I'm waiting to receive my PD passport card?

After you have passed your written and practical assessments and before you receive your PD Passport, there is a short period when you are unable to access loading terminals.

During this period, you need to carry a letter and proof of PD Passport entitlement from your employer. Terminals will accept this and will give you a loading card and access to the terminal.

The letter must:

Do drivers holding a PD Passport still need terminal inductions?

Yes, terminals will still need to pass on terminal specific information to drivers who have obtained a PD Passport, as the final step before allowing unsupervised loading rack access. This induction will cover site-specific elements such as emergency procedures that can only be covered at the terminal level.

I have a foreign ADR. Can I do my PD Passport?


Is it legal to drive without having my PD Passport card in the vehicle?

Yes but you won't be able to gain access to terminals.

Do I have to notify SQA of a change of address after I have my card?

Yes, it is best practice to do so in order to keep our records up to date.