The passport is renewed every five years, but also has an annual practical assessment and an annual classroom training requirement.

Petroleum Driver Passport (PD Passport) is an in-work scheme for drivers working in the industry. You do not need to obtain a PD Passport before working for a haulier or distributor. You will require access to a fuel tanker and petroleum product and therefore your employer should include PD Passport training as part of the company induction.

Any driver completing their classroom training with multiple choice exam needs to be certain they will be able to complete their practical assessment within four months.

Please note: drivers holding a PD Passport will still require terminal inductions to gain access.

Gaining a PD PassportSample PD Passport

To qualify for a Petroleum Driver Passport (PD Passport) you must take:

Both need to be completed every five years.

You have four months to pass both parts.

Maintaining a PD Passport

Once you have a PD Passport, to keep it valid, you must take a practical assessment and classroom refresher training every year.

The annual practical assessment must take place up to four months before your annual anniversary date (this is the same day and month as the expiry date on your PD Passport).

It is your responsibility to maintain a valid PD Passport.

Sign up for reminders: PD Prompts

Sign up for PD Prompts now to get reminders when it's time to renew your PD Passport and when your annual practical assessment is due.

Lost, stolen or damaged PD Passport?

Complete our replacement certificate form

Cost: £15 (payable by debit/credit card)

We try to issue replacements within 10 working days.

Change of name or address?

To change the name on your PD Passport, you must apply in writing to the PD Passport team and provide identification - passport, driving licence or deed poll certificate.

To update an address contact your training provider or email us on

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Access to terminals

While you are undergoing PD Passport training, you can get access to a terminal for loading training. You must be accompanied by another driver who holds a valid PD Passport. The load must be entered onto the terminal system using the load card of the instructor (the driver with the valid PD Passport).

Exam results

You receive your results from your training provider.

Contact your training provider if you have any queries about the exam or results.

Please allow up to 28 days from the date of your exam for your PD Passport to arrive.

SQA do not provide exam results.

Frequently asked questions

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