Allowing New and Returning Drivers awaiting receipt of their PDP card access to Terminals

New and returning drivers to the industry need to obtain their PD Passport before they can obtain access to a loading terminal.  There is a short delay between them passing their PDP written and practical assessments and receiving their PD passport, during which period they are unable to access loading terminals despite having passed the PDP requirements.  This is an issue for the industry and not the intention of the Scheme which is to increase competence and safety in the industry.

Therefore the PDP Group is proposing that during this interim period when drivers are awaiting their PD Passport card they carry a letter and proof of PDP entitlement from their employer and that this is accepted by the Terminals and allows them to obtain a loading card and access to the terminal.

The letter would state that the named driver has passed their written and practical PDP assessments and is awaiting receipt of their PDP card.  The letter must always be accompanied by proof of entitlement in the form of a screen shot of the PDP database which clearly demonstrates that they have passed.  The letter would also include the driver’s unique number which can be cross-referenced with the PDP database.  The dated letter would be valid for 15 days to allow time for the driver to receive their PDP card, after which time it should not be accepted by the Terminal and this would be stated in the letter.

Training providers are encouraged to use the electronic method of taking the written assessment as this should significantly shorten the overall time taken to process new applications and issue PDP cards.

In addition, as communicated previously, Terminals can check the validity of a driver’s PDP card by accessing the driver’s training record on the Scheme Manager, SQA, database or by contacting SQA by phone in working hours (tel: 0345 213 0123) quoting the Driver Number or Driver Surname and DOB.  If you wish to follow up the database option please email to request a Terminal User Login.

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