Employers and Training companies sign up to deliver PDP

Just a month since the UK’s first Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) became fully operational, 18 organisations are now approved to deliver PDP training and assessment with a further 21 in the approval process.Seventy percent of the centres approved or in process of approval are ADR centres, who recognise that many customers will seek an integrated service of ADR and PDP training and assessment.

A feature of the PDP scheme for companies employing tanker drivers is the ability to source PDP and ADR classroom training from an external supplier but carry out the annual PDP practical assessment ‘in-house’ using their own driver assessors. Companies can be recognised as a ‘Practical Only’ centre and the value of this option is already reflected in the applications from eleven organisations that are not current ADR centres. This option is particularly attractive to smaller operators who are able to schedule practical assessments at any time to suit activity levels in their business.

More than 6,000 petroleum tanker drivers in the UK will need to obtain a PDP card during 2014. To meet the demand for PDP training and assessment services, SQA the PDP scheme managers, have established a straightforward approval process for centres. Details of the PDP scheme and the centre application process are at www.pdpassport.com.

The PDP is quickly becoming part of the landscape in the petroleum sector. In the first six weeks of the PDP, 137 drivers undertook written assessments with a pass rate of over 90% and 53 drivers successfully completed their PDP practical assessment.

Brian Worrall, DODF Independent Chair, said: “Employers, tanker drivers and training providers across the country are rising to the challenge of ensuring that all petroleum tanker drivers obtain a PDP card during 2014. DODF and SQA are closely monitoring the progress of the PDP scheme and will do all we can to help all those involved in implementing PDP.”

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Skills for Logistics Sector Skills Council John Bowman;john.bowman@skillsforlogistics.org
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