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Training Providers can apply for approval by SQA (instructor, assessor and course approval) to run the Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) scheme.

Training providers will need to submit an initial application and user agreement and pay the appropriate fee for the type of training provider approval required. Training Providers will also need to provide evidence that they are equipped to deliver the type of training that they wish to offer — classroom-only, practical-only or both. The exact criteria for approval is detailed within theManual of Practice for PDP

Classroom-only is the theory-based module that is assessed through a multiple choice assessment.

Practical-only is an assessment, which takes places in a tanker and assesses the driver’s competence of loading, driving and offloading.

Full approval is for training providers offering both the classroom training with written (multiple choice) assessment as well as the practical assessment. An SQA External Verifier (EV) will undertake approval visits to assess the training provider’s suitability to deliver the component(s) for which they have come forward. At this time, the EV will also approve the training provider’s instructors and assessors.

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The PDP contains classroom training with a written (multiple choice) exam along with a practical assessment, both of which need to be completed every five years. Candidates are also required to attend classroom training and a practical assessment every 12 months to maintain the validity of their PDP.

There must be no more than four months between passing the two elements that make up the PDP (five-year classroom training with exam (25W) and the practical assessment (25P)). These can be taken in any order.

The annual practical assessment should be sat in the four months leading up to the expiry date and month each year.

The annual classroom training should be sat anytime in the calendar year (up until 31/12 of each year).

Should a driver miss any one of these windows, the card will become invalid and they will have to sit either a 22P or a 22T to revalidate the card, depending on what window they have missed.
These modules now work independently of one another so, for example, if they miss their practical window, they must sit a 22P to revalidate. However, if they are still in their 21T window (ie before 31/12), they can still sit a 21T.

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