COVID-19 - PD Passport Amendments Announcement

Revised Amendments due to Covid–19

Valid from 9 November 2020

The Downstream Oil Distribution Forum (DODF) have reviewed the PDP Scheme dispensations in the light of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, and the training and assessment challenges the industry faces.  Our priorities, in making amendments to PDP, continue to be allowing Drivers, Employers, Training Providers and Terminals to operate within Government restrictions and guidance and take all necessary precautions, and keeping the economy moving by ensuring drivers can continue to work safely, load at Terminals, and deliver product in a competent manner.

Therefore, in consultation with SQA, we have agreed to implement the following amendments to the PDP Scheme and its administration:


REVISED PDP AMENDMENTS - valid from 9 November 2020


All driver PDP cards, which expire between 1st March 2020 and 1st March 2021, remain valid until 31st March 2021. These cards will be renewed for five years if a driver has passed their written and practical assessments before 1st April 2021.

Renewed PDP card period of validity / expiry date:


ANNUAL REFRESHER TRAINING - 2021 & addressing 2020 backlog

The DODF have looked at the issues with respect to PDP Annual Refreshers in 2020.  The difficulties in conducting training and assessment during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic has meant that a number of drivers have been unable to complete their 2020 Annual Refresher.  The dispensation put in place to help facilitate Annual Refresher training and assessment expires at the end of December 2020.

The DODF looked at the feasibility of requiring drivers to complete their 2020 Annual Refresher in 2021. However, this option has been dismissed as the industry felt that the logistics and resources required to conduct two sets of Annual Refreshers within one calendar year would make this unworkable.


Therefore, the following will apply for PDP Annual Refresher training and practical assessment in 2021:

The registration codes for Annual Refreshers in 2021 is summarised below:

2020 Annual Refresher - COMPLETED:



2020 Annual Refresher - NOT COMPLETED:


In 2021, Register for 21T & 21P

(if Practical taken in the 4 months prior to anniversary date)


Register for 21T & 22P

(if Practical not taken in the 4 months prior to anniversary date)


In 2021, Register for 22T & 22P

PDP Scheme - Annual Refresher Rules - as taken from the PDP Manual of Practice:

Drivers are required to undertake an Annual Refresher practical assessment (21P) no more than four months prior to their Annual anniversary date.  Annual classroom training (21T) must take place within the same calendar year as the Annual practical assessment, in order to maintain the validity of the PDP certificate. (The Annual anniversary date will be the same day and month as the expiry date, as stated on the card).



The PDP helpdesk can be contacted via the PDP email address - - or by telephone (0345 270 0123).



The DODF would like Terminals to continue with PDP card validity checks, taking account of the following changes to the Scheme:

If a Terminal has direct access to the PDP System to check a driver’s validity, please use this method.

Otherwise, enforcement officers (Terminals) wishing to check a driver’s entitlement, may contact the SQA Administration Team via email only to check the PDP System – or telephone on 0345 270 0123 to check the PDP System.

Please note that SQA has now moved to homeworking and will not be changing staff working hours and any email checks will be dealt with in business hours, Monday to Friday.


The DODF appreciate your support and understanding as we take these steps to protect drivers, Training Providers, Terminals and SQA staff and ensure the smooth running of the petroleum distribution industry.  If you have any queries please contact: PDP Helpdesk - or DODF Facilitator –

Downstream Oil Distribution Forum