PDP Scheme - Dispensation for drivers returning after shielding - April 2021

Covid 19 Related Dispensation - only applies to drivers returning from shielding/furlough

Issued 21 April 2021

Valid until 31st May 2021

This dispensation applies to drivers who have taken and passed one element of their PDP (25W or 25P) then due to Covid-19 reasons were absent from work (furlough, shielding) and were unable to take and pass the required second element (25P or 25W) within the prescribed 4 month window.

Drivers who were then unable to take and pass their second element within the 4 month window will have an additional 10 days to take and pass their second element.

If a driver is outside of this additional 10 day dispensation window when taking their second element, they must retake and pass their first element.

Training Providers must supply the details of any drivers to whom this dispensation applies to SQA via email (driver name, PDP candidate number, etc) on completion of their second element. This will allow SQA to manually process them through the PDP system.

This is a temporary dispensation and is only valid until 31st May 2021.

If you have any queries please contact: PDP Helpdesk (SQA) - pdpassport@sqa.org.uk or PDP Management Group Facilitator - Jenny Clucas (jenny.clucas@cogentskills.com)