Downstream Oil Distribution Forum (DODF) guidance

The Downstream Oil Distribution Forum (DODF) was established in 2012, to provide an on-going forum for the discussion and resolution of issues relating to health & safety and training in the downstream oil industry.

The membership of the DODF is made up of the major Hauliers, Trade Associations, Government Departments (DfT & BEIS) and Unions connected with the petroleum product distribution industry.

One of the DODF’s early initiatives was the development of a consistent training standard for petroleum product tanker drivers. The standard is designed to ensure petroleum products are loaded, delivered and unloaded safely and in accordance with approved good practices.

This training standard is additional to ADR and specific to the industry sector and to five industry sub sectors:

Using the training standard as the basis, the DODF then developed the Petroleum Driver Passport Scheme, launched in 2014. The DODF retains overall responsibility for the PDP Scheme, which is managed by the Scheme Manager, SQA, in conjunction with the PDP Management Group. The DODF also addresses other topics relating to the industry and especially health & safety and training.

DODF has:

Going forward the DODF is:

DODF information and guidance


DODF guidance documents are shared in order to promote learning and improve safety. You should seek appropriate guidance regarding the relevance, accuracy and completeness of this information to your circumstances prior to implementation.